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This page is in a way under construction.

There are some technical observations in the article that might be sufficient for all experts to have a look at the tape.

The hints that I am waiting for might be a redundancy.

One thing though that is very important is to look at the camera angle and motion. Those who are in computer aided animation, accident reconstruction, and operators of bill cameras might want to take a special interest in that.

The following are the instances of major interest:

1. when Bin Laden first arrives, seems like the camera operator was taken by surprise and had to get up from the traditional Arab seating position, cross-legged.

2. shortly after Bin Laden sat, the camera seems to move from shoulder height to waste height with an awkward motion. The person might be sitting.

3. at times, the camera shifts position horizontally. For a cross legged person to shift position, he or she needs to use both hands to lift their weight and shift and might take a glance in the direction they are shifting.

You might want to consider equipping a person who is about 5' 9" (175 cm) tall, and about 200 lbs (80 to 90 kg) with a bill camera and compare similar footage to the one in the American video.

© 2005 Maher Osseiran